Testimonials and Reviews

Went through many lenders, none were helpful until we found Taylor Mortgage

I am happy to provide this letter of recommendation for Taylor Mortgage. Taylor helped us secure a new construction loan when our old lender, Mutual of Omaha was acquired by another bank and we lost our local bank. We had begun construction on our house and because of cost needed to increase the construction loan, which the bank that acquired Mutual of Omaha would not do. Taylor stepped in found a new construction loan and we are close to completing the home. The home's appraised value is significantly more than the cost to construct so everything has worked out. without Taylor we would have been stuck with a project that we could not finish, but now have an asset. We went through many lenders, but found no help until we found Taylor. I can recommend them as a company that did what they said they would do. We look forward to completing our mortgage taking out the construction loan with Taylor.

D. Hartman Colorado

Had a Very Good Experience with Taylor Mortgage Group

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently refinanced our primary mortgage with Taylor Mortgage Group, Elizabeth, CO. Janie offered several mortgage products and we took the one that best fit our particular situation. The rate was competitive with the market and the fees were affordable.

We had a very good experience with Taylor Mortgage Group and would recommend Janie's mortgage company for mortgage purchases, refinances and even some of the unique type loan situations that come about. She is a broker and works with a number of different lenders. Janie has years of experience in the mortgage industry and communicates with her borrowers very well. She is a class act that really knows her business!

D. Graf Elizabeth, CO

Could Not Get Our Construction Loan without Janie and the Taylor Mortgage Team

To whom it may concern:

My husband, Kelby and I first worked with Janie Taylor and the Taylor Mortgage Group several years ago to finance a vacant lot for future residential use. When we were ready to build last year, we immediately contacted Janie and asked for her assistance once more - this time working through the intimidating construction loan process.

Now that we have completed construction and moved into our new home, I realize we could not have done it without Janie and her team! From the beginning, we had a million questions and unique situations to work through and Janie handled them all with kindness and efficiency. She explained our various options and helped us to evaluate the pros and cons of each. As a result, we were able to obtain a construction loan with great terms and begin building quickly.

Once the construction of our home was complete, Janie again worked with us to transfer financing to a permanent loan. We had multiple delays with construction and Janie was able to work with us on our locked interest rate and ever-changing closing date estimates.

Janie and her team consistently go above and beyond the typical expectations of a loan broker and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in building. Please feel free to contact me with additional questions at any time.

S. Staggs Colorado

We Would Highly Recommend Janie and Taylor Mortgage Group to Anyone

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter of reference for Janie Taylor and Taylor Mortgage Group.

As retired Realtors and property owners, we have obtained numerous mortgages through Taylor Mortgage Group, including 3 personal residences, a rental, 2 re-fi's and have referred her to numerous clients with excellent results.

Janie Taylor, always the professional, has handled each and every case with tact, finesse and grace. When there are questions and concerns, Janie is a can-do person and always has an answer and a way of assurance that everything will turn out alright. And, it always has.

We would highly recommend Janie and Taylor Mortgage Group to anyone interested in obtaining a mortgage in an efficient, professional and capable manner.

S. A. Lynch Colorado